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Corporate Services
The First Boutique Hospital In The UAE.
Corporate Clinic

Lifeline Corporate Clinic Jebel Ali is a dedicated facility established to address the healthcare needs of small, medium and large companies in the Jebel Ali area.

With primary care provided at the Corporate Clinic and the full spectrum of advanced medical services available at the adjoining state-of-the-art Jebel Ali Hospital, our corporate clients are provided with a one-stop solution to ensure that their valued personnel have convenient access to the best and most cost effective medical treatment.

Key Benefits
Efficiency: The Corporate Clinic is a dedicated facility established solely for our corporate clients; the hospital’s regular patients are not allowed to access to its facilities. This ensures that patient waiting times are short.

Cost Savings: The Corporate Clinic is designed to provide maximum value for money for our clients. The overall pricing structure is highly subsidized and shall allow our clients to enjoy substantial savings on their annual staff healthcare expenditure.

Lifeline Corporate Health Card
Lifeline Corporate Health Card is by far the most cost effective way to cater to the healthcare needs of company personnel. It offers:

Consultations, Investigations, Treatment and Medicines.
Validated by Insurance Company.
Customized & Personalized services as per client’s needs.
Network of associate clinics.

Corporate Services
Lifeline Corporate Health Card offers wide range of corporate services that meet with all healthcare requirements of a company such as:

Pre-employment check-ups for staff, senior executives and offshore employees.
Emergency and Ambulance services for all types of industrial accidents.
Free seminars and regular health days to educate staff about key health issues and raise general health awareness.
On-site medical services.
All types of vaccinations and related certificates.
Special discounts for insurance card holders on excluded services.
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