Dr. Partha Pratim Saikia

Dr. Partha Pratim Saikia

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

Qualifications: MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia)
Department: Anaesthesia
Designation: Specialist Anaesthesiologist

Skills & Competencies
• Taking patient’s history, general examination as well as examination of various systems
•BLS, ACLS Provider(AHA certified),ATLS provider
• Central line insertion, arterial line cannulationvenous cut down, Pulmonary artery catheter (Swan Ganz Catheter) insertion
• Pleural tap, abdominocentesis, lumbar puncture, surgical procedures like I&D, skin growth excisions, ICD insertion, urinary catheterization
• Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, fiberoptic guided intubations, laryngeal mask airway and other supra glottic airway devices insertion
• Regional blocks including sub-arachnoid block, epidural anaesthesia (lumbar, thoracic), brachial plexus block (various approaches), elbow block, wrist block, femoral block, sciatic block, ankle block, caudal block, intercostal block, labour analgesia
• USG procedures: FAST, Chest USG, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Blind Nasal Intubations, CVP line Insertion, Arterial Cannulations

The department provides the following treatment and services
• Pre – Anesthesia Check Up and Assessment for Surgical Patients
• Anesthetic Care for Surgical Procedures Including Laparoscopies
• Anesthetic Care for Dental Procedures
• Anesthetic Care for Invasive Investigations Such as Endoscopies and CT Scans
• Pain Relief During Childbirth Through Administering Epidural or Combined Spinal-Epidural (CSE) Block

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