Dr. Nandkishore Mariswamy

Dr. Nandkishore Mariswamy

Specialist Internal Medicine

Qualifications: MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Nandkishore Mariswamy has over decade long experience in Internal Medicine gained mainly in Dubai. Throughout his practice he has treated various acute and chronic medical conditions including providing inpatient care and management in acute and life threatening conditions. His areas of special interest include management of acute infections as well as chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders. As a part of his various assignments, he has been involved in active surveillance and follow up on new medications and their benefits in clinical practice as also overseeing the standard of care while dispensing medication and their rationale use to minimize errors.  His noteworthy  communication skills, patient approach and practice of evidence based ethical medicine has resulted in him being respected highly within his patients following as also his colleagues.

Dedicated to academic progress, Dr. Nandkishore regularly delivers lectures in cardio-diabetology and other chronic and infectious conditions at well- known industry forums.  He has also been on a panel of examiner at leading medical institutes. He has authored several articles and has been involved in various multicentre clinical trials both international and regional. Dr Mariswamy has conducted several awareness talks amongst various segments of the community including school going children and their parents. Topics included ill effects of smoking, early detection of diabetes hypertension and its prevention. He is often invited including radio shows for public awareness.

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Research Experience

  • Who Project on Health Systems Research Field Investigator Feb – April 1993.
  • Evaluation of Elisa as a Diagnostic Test in Tubercular Pleural Effusion


  • Stress-test-Pit falls and limitations (co-author) Asian Journal of Cardiology 2000.
  • Are stents being over used? Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol.41, No.2, 1999.

The department provides the following treatment and services
• Management of non-infectious diseases including Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
• Management of Infectious Diseases, septic conditions, tropical medicine and environmental, physical and heat injuries
• Management of Endocrine Diseases, including Thyroid disorders and disorders of the Parathyroid and disorders of the adrenal glands in close collaboration with the department of endocrinology
• Management of respiratory disorders, allergy and immunity related diseases
• Diseases of the digestive system in close collaboration with the department of Gastroenterology
• First line of treatment for nephrology and kidney diseases
• Delivering care to acute admission of internal medicine patients
• Management of benign hematology cases
• Management of acute poisoning, drugs or chemical overdose
• Geriatric care and age-related co-morbidities, including nutrition and rehabilitation