Dr. Ahmed Hosni Abdelaziz Mohamed

Dr. Ahmed Hosni Abdelaziz Mohamed

Specialist Internal Medicine

M.B.B.CH. – 1984(Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University.)
Master of Internal Medicine – 1992 (Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University)
Abdominal Ultra- sound – Al-Ebrashy Center (1992)
(Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University)
Dr. Ahmed Hosni Abdelaziz Mohamed joined Lifeline Hospital as Specialist Internal Medicine. He has completed his M.B.B.CH and Master In Internal Medicine from Cairo University, Egypt. He has more than 20 years of experience in Egypt and UAE.
Languages:Arabic and English

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Work Experience:
Internship: (1 year) (131985 – 131986). Cairo University Hospitals.
Military Hospitals as G.P. (2.5 years) (141986 – 1101988)
Internal Medicine Resident: (4 years) (1101988 – 111993) M.O.H. (Egypt) – Tahrir Hospital + (1 year) Resident (681990 – 581991) Cairo University Hospitals.
Internal Medicine Specialist : (111993 – 1582006) (13.5 years)
M.O.H. (Egypt) – Tahrir Hospital & Mabarat N. Al-Hosary Private Hospital
PHC Physician: (30/8/1993-26/8/2008) (15 years) UAE – M.O.H. – Primary Health Care Sharjah – Madam PHC Center (Remote Clinic). Doctor in charge.
Specialist Physician (Dubai Health Authority): 7/9/2008 – 31/03/2015 (6.5 years)
Basic Live Support Course (3/2009) (American Heart Association) Renewed 12/2014.
Advanced Cardiac Live Support Course, Three times (2008 – 2010 – 2012) (American Heart Association).
Basic Fire & Safety Training (7/2009) (Training Center – Dubai Health Authority). Renewed 1/2015

The department provides the following treatment and services
• Management of non-infectious diseases including Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
• Management of Infectious Diseases, septic conditions, tropical medicine and environmental, physical and heat injuries
• Management of Endocrine Diseases, including Thyroid disorders and disorders of the Parathyroid and disorders of the adrenal glands in close collaboration with the department of endocrinology
• Management of respiratory disorders, allergy and immunity related diseases
• Diseases of the digestive system in close collaboration with the department of Gastroenterology
• First line of treatment for nephrology and kidney diseases
• Delivering care to acute admission of internal medicine patients
• Management of benign hematology cases
• Management of acute poisoning, drugs or chemical overdose
• Geriatric care and age-related co-morbidities, including nutrition and rehabilitation