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Patient Talk

I have been visiting lifeline for more than 1 and half years and I can guarantee myself that the doctors and nurses take care of their patients so well . The staffs are very helpful and provide good guidance. I had a normal delivery with 6 nurses , 2 doctors and 1 midwife . Each and everyone performed their duty very well and took care of me . I am proud to say that my child is a Lifeline Product.
Madhumitha Karunanithi
I had met with a road accident and suffered head trauma. Thanks to the team I was operated immediately bring me out of the danger. I appreciate the support provided to me at such delicate time.
Mohammed Salahuddin Qazi
I had acl surgery 10 August 2016 and feel Good thanks God .Amazing team I love them.
Malik Tamoor Rehan
We wish to thank Lifeline Ibn Battuta from when Ernest was admitted at reception( Mr Abrar & Odessa) to being taking to the new wing to a beautiful suite(ward), a wonderful nurse Jovalene whose kindness & care to my husband prior to his Colonoscopy & after theatre for which we were so grateful. Dr Mohamad Khair Ojjeh was happy for me to speak to him to explain what he found in the colonoscopy.
Zia & Ernest Hosking
I would like to thank all Doctors, Nurses and all cared for me while in your care. I was able to return to NZ and my family
Irene Deans
Went to Hospital for foot cast (not in LLH) as your doctor referred. You have a very good doctor, a lovely doctor a good asset to your organization, you can send me email I will share to my friends and colleague about your service. Such a wonderful service with that doctor and nurses.
Ms.Liza Therese
Doctor is excellent, nurse is excellent the whole team is great.
Lifeline is our lifeline
Amit Gupta
Daughter was treated and was very happy with the professional approach.

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