The Department of Pediatrics of Lifeline Hospital is committed to promote the health of children and adolescents with a balanced program that seeks to deliver high quality comprehensive clinical care and service. The department advocates vigorously for the wellbeing of children and adolescents, and is responsive to the changing needs of nation’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community and society. Featuring comprehensive treatment options and a family-friendly environment, our team of dedicated experts works closely with the patients and their families to meet their specific needs whether in emergency or as a routine. The team keeps a constant and on-going dialogue with the parents and care givers to educate them and assist them in healthy upbringing of their wards.

  • Dr. Vamshidhar Gudichuttu

    Senior Paediatrician

    Dr. Vamshidhar is adept at treatment of seasonal infections, frequent fevers, dry skin, allergies, eczema, constipation and upset stomach…

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